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Mark Linkous was an exceptional artist who spent most of his life in relative obscurity. Although he was somewhat of a hermit, his musical collaborations went far and wide, and included even my other unfathomable hero: David Lynch, someone Mark himself admired. But the music that touched me the most were the songs he made […]

I never felt sure about the respawning of Sleater-Kinney. Their breakup in 2006 was a blow to the stomach – more so because I never saw them live, coupled with the fact that they quit right after releasing 2005’s earth-shattering The Woods. Sleater-Kinney left behind a legacy that’s out of this world. They unexpectedly returned ten […]

Kurt Cobain died 20 years ago today

Seeing exactly this at my parents’ house is how I found out about Kurt Cobain’s death in April 1994. Although I was as shocked as anyone, I didn’t know about the full story until years later, when I saw BBC’s The Seven Ages of Rock. I’ve always known about it by and large – heroin addiction, unable to cope […]

Some duelling thoughts about bands reuniting

The Pixies* are getting a lot of hostility over releasing a bunch of new, supposedly mediocre, if not downright terrible songs – I can’t judge, because I haven’t heard any of them: “I’m reading a press release for EP2 and weeping at the downright awfulness of the legacy fucking parody act that is using the […]

On resurgence

As you can see, this site has been revitalized with a pretty bland design. First thing was to get it back running, after which I’ll maybe be gradually adding features. There’s a lot I’m in the process of figuring out. Will there be commenting? Will it be in English of gewoon in het Nederlands? Will […]

Ready let’s go is back up with random ramblings about music after a 7½ year hiatus. As of now, I don’t know where this is going to lead exactly. But I’ll just pick things up again, and see which way it rolls. Hey, want to listen to my favorite tracks from last year?