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Mark Linkous was an exceptional artist who spent most of his life in relative obscurity. Although he was somewhat of a hermit, his musical collaborations went far and wide, and included even my other unfathomable hero: David Lynch, someone Mark himself admired. But the music that touched me the most were the songs he made […]

My favorite albums of last year: Pip Blom – Boat listen to “Ruby” (YouTube) Mannequin Pussy – Patience listen to “F.U.C.A.W.” (YouTube) Club Night – What Life listen to “Thousands” (YouTube) Bill Callahan – Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest listen to “747” (YouTube) Caroline Polachek – PANG listen to “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” […]

Pitchfork retroactively reviewed a b u n c h of Stereolab’s earliest records, which is great. Even though the band is in the process of reissuing some of their back catalog through their own Duophonic label, I don’t believe these five each are part of that. And Pitchfork didn’t even review all of Stereolab’s early albums, […] is 18 years old today.

The time of year has set in where I mostly just stop listening to new records and start revisiting records from the last eleven months. So if you want to get in my year-end list, releasing your album in December means you’re out of luck.

Yay for the Beatles as on-hold music! #Paagman

Never thought I’d be so happy recovering my stupid guitar plucking in Voice Memos after a phone reset.

Some of my longer posts from a while back are here. A few concert reviews are here.

Since I’m off Twitter, I’ll be summoning this site back to life for posting irregular updates about what I’m up to. Mostly music-related, I guess.