I never felt sure about the respawning of Sleater-Kinney. Their breakup in 2006 was a blow to the stomach – more so because I never saw them live, coupled with the fact that they quit right after releasing 2005's earth-shattering The Woods. Sleater-Kinney left behind a legacy that's out of this world. They unexpectedly returned ten years later with an album that sure was good, but didn't nearly sweep me off my feet like every single one of their previous albums did. No Cities To Love felt too polished, too calculated, even had one or two outright clunkers on it. But then again, selfishly speaking, they needed to make this album so that I'd been given a chance of seeing them live. It sure was an unforgettable experience.

Janet quitting the band, stating that Corin and Carrie are "heading in a new direction and it is time for me to move on", has left me worried that my favorite band in the world might be off to territories where I won't follow. St. Vincent, who produced the album, herself took a hard turn away from rocking the fuck out and towards highly stylized and detached albums and live shows. To be honest, that's not what I wish upon Sleater-Kinney. I like them to shred and rip it up, sheer tornado force that they are, Janet hammering on the drums. Carrie must remember admitting being afraid that "toothlessness was where we seemed to be headed in indie rock."

It's the ruthless fangs of nostalgia, of course. I don't want the days of "Jumpers" to be gone. But I also don't want to withhold Sleater-Kinney any chance of renewal – it's their call to make, their music will always mean the world to me. But maybe I can't follow them every turn they take.