Speedy Ortiz & Eagulls @ Paradiso

Went to see Eagulls and Speedy Ortiz yesterday. Regardless of how damn good (and loud) Eagulls were, their show was WASTED by the headliners. Not only the sheer genius of Speedy Ortiz's songs, but the way they just as easily hurled through them - amazing. I dearly, dearly missed "Fun", my all-time Speedy Ortiz favorite. "Plough", "Cash Cab", their full-on rendition of early song "Hexxy", to name just a few out of many great tunes, quite made it up. Besides writing great songs, Sadie Dupuis unexpectedly proved to be an awesome guitarist. And wow man, does Matt Robidoux have one fucked up instrument. [caption id="attachment_185" align="alignnone" width="300"]Speedy Ortiz at Paradiso Speedy Ortiz at Paradiso, Amsterdam[/caption]